TIPS: the most important steps in finding dream job

2020-01-15, Valid until

Finding a job may seem like a very long and tedious process, but it is much easier than it seems. Perhaps the job that suits you perfectly require a bit of struggle, but with the proper use of your abilities, hobbies or activities, the long-awaited result is guaranteed. So, here are some tips to help you understand what kind of job you would like, how to prepare a competitive CV and have a successful interview for a dream job.

Recognize your nature and set goals

An essential step is getting to know yourself and refining your desires and interests. It is very important to be open to yourself and not to be afraid to look critically, consistently and closely at your traits, competencies, and intellects.

It’s good idea to use a SMART tool to help you turn your dreams into achievable goals. SMART means your goal must be: specific, measurable, assignable – assigned to a specific person, ambitious but realistic, relevance – interesting to you, but focused on a certain vision, not just the action you are doing, defined at a specific time.

Use your experience

The various projects, creative work, research or other activities you have done are invaluable and unique experiences in finding a job.

Remember that studying is not just a diploma, but all the way to it – if you have acquired the knowledge and skills required for a specific job during your internship, self-study or research, but sure to mention it. Your CV and cover letter should also reflect this experience.

Volunteering or activities in non-governmental organizations is a huge asset. There are many different organizations at the University that engage in activities that develop your creative skills and make acquaintances, which are extremely valuable. SO, when preparing your resume, remember to mention which seminars, trainings you have conducted or hosted, what events or sponsors you have worked on, what significant challenges you have solved or something new discovered – it will show your initiative and activity. When applying for a specific job, internship or volunteering position, submit the information in your CV so that it meets the requirements in the ad.

“Try on” different specialties

To find the activities that you like most, try some different directions. This does not mean that you need to change from one job to another, but you can allow yourself to visit as many different placements as you can during your studies, which will reveal what qualities you are best able to combine, what work nourishes and unleashes. You can also take advantage of volunteering opportunities, which will broaden your experience and explore new areas that your degree program does not define. Often a well-chosen practice placement becomes a workplace in the future, so you are welcome to take a look at our new Catalogue of Internship and Volunteering Offers.

Prepare yourself properly

Before applying for a job, it is important to organize your resume, cover letter and get ready for a job interview. Provide information about your experiences or work in chronological terms, do not expand, but mention essential information that is job-specific (key points may be highlighted). Avoid grammatical and punctuation errors, or overpowering, 1-2 pages of information should be enough. Let your cover letter showcase your uniqueness, creativity and do not overdo it – let it be easy to read, understand and do not duplicate the information in your CV. Also, remember that before each interview, companies also look closely at your social networks, so represent yourself properly in there.

Well, before a job interview, remember to look at the organization itself, think well at home about why you chose this place and what you can bring. Show initiative, curiosity and self-confidence. More information on how to prepare your CV, cover letter and job interview can be found here.

So, don’t be afraid to try, search and explore – with effort you will certainly find what you are looking for, and if you have any questions, register for a consultation at VMU Career Center.