Volunteering will help you to develop new job skills as well as apply current skills in new ways. It allows you to try on different organizations, roles, issues, etc. Of course, volunteering isn’t the same as being on staff, but it can expose you to the work of an organization in a deeper way than becoming a member or following it on Facebook/Twitter.

Here’s how volunteering can help you succeed:

  • You can expand your personal and professional networks
  • You learn new and transferable skills
  • You build a track record of work for a specific cause
  • You can volunteer Your Way Into A Potential Job


Volunteering as a concept has a simple definition, but only when you experience it do you realize that there’s a lot more to it than just giving away a few hours of your life. Volunteering is a meaningful free time from your studies while you are in Kaunas and also supplements your studies because you can gain practical skills.

The volunteering system at Vytautas Magnus university (VMU) was created in order to promote, acknowledge and support the contribution that VMU students make by volunteering and to show that volunteering is a meaningful activity on a free time from your studies while you are in Kaunas. Also it supplements your studies because you can gain practical skills.

Therefore NGO Actio Catholica Patria together with Vytautas Magnus University is inviting all international or foreign students to join a long term (at least three months) volunteering program in Kaunas.

NGO Actio Catholica Patria

NGO A.C. Patria is working with youth for 25 years!
One of our centers – Volunteers center – is coordinating local, EVS volunteers, working together with various organizations, which invites volunteers.

If you have free-time, if you want to get into and get to know with local community, if you want to do something good – volunteer!

WE offer to you:

  • Volunteering for 3 months (at least 4 h/week);
  • Time – October-December;
  • “Safe volunteering” in chosen organization, volunteering agreement, certificate after end of volunteering;
  • Communication and cooperation;
  • Volunteering in different fields: social, cultural, sports, nature protection, animals shelters, and etc.

How it will be:

  • In September – selection;
  • October – beginning of volunteering;
  • December – the end, awards and certificates.


NGO Actio Catholica Patria
E-mail: buksavanoriu@gmail.com

Looking for other volunteer opportunities? Here’s some links to jump-start your search:

For more information contact:

  • Address Student center, K. Donelaičio str. 52, room 111, Kaunas
  • Phone +370 659 61 737
  • E-mail savanoriai@vdu.lt