Career mentoring

VMU offers a free career mentoring platform that brings together the entire university community: lecturers, non-academic staff, alumni and students. The platform is completely free of charge for both mentors and mentees, so we invite the VMU community to become mentors and pass on their knowledge and experience to people who are just starting their career journey, as well as to those who wish to have a mentor – to sign up and gain experience from professionals in their fields.

Mentoring is based on the transfer of knowledge and experience. Once registered, mentors create a profile on the platform, where they provide information about themselves – a brief introduction, experience, and areas of mentoring that they can apply for. Students who decide to find a mentor contact one person of their choice by writing a letter stating their motivation to work with the mentor, who then approves or rejects the request, depending on whether he/she is available to help the student and can spare the time needed. To find out more about the programme and to register, visit Idialogue.