Vytautas Magnus University survey of 2019 graduates

2020-06-01, Valid until

Vytautas Magnus University is seeking to improve the quality of studies and career services provided by the University and, for this purpose, is conducting a survey of graduates of 2019.

We would like to invite you to complete the questionnaire and let us know your opinions on the studies and your current career situation. We are also hoping to learn more about how you are gaining ground in the labour market. Survey results will be reported as summarized information, thus guaranteeing the anonymity of individual participants. You will be able to get acquainted with the results in September.

By participating in this survey, you have the chance to win prizes of Vytautas Magnus University!

If you want to participate in the lottery for prizes, please enter your e-mail after completing this questionnaire. We will contact you in case you win.

The questionnaire is open till June 30th, 2020 (it will take approx. 15 min.).

Thank you for your opinion!