VMU Career days 2019: “Starting point: career”

2019-10-01, Valid until

Do you want to make active and meaningful use of your free time? Come and meet “Kaunas In” institution who will tell you all about work, practice and volunteering opportunities in Lithuania. The public institution “Kaunas In” is an institution of the Kaunas city municipality.

“Kaunas In” has three main objectives: to promote business, tourism and international marketing development of Kaunas and to create conductive conditions for these activities in the city. Institution are responsible for marketing communication activities with target groups, such as business enterprises, tourism agencies, incoming tourists, foreigners visiting Kaunas with a purpose of working here, returning emigrants and international branding activities of Kaunas.

On 9th of October, 15:00, on VMU Career days 2019, we inviting you to the meeting with “Kaunas In” institution. Come and learn everything about job, internship and volunteering opportunities for international students in Lithuania.

Meeting will be held at VMU Small Hall (S. Daukanto st. 28, Kaunas).