USEFUL: online platforms related to career

2020-05-15, Valid until

While we spend time at home, we have a great opportunity to focus more on searching, reflecting, and advancing in a variety of career fields. The best thing is that we have the opportunity to learn at a distance, and the information on the internet is more than enough, you just have to be able to choose it. So, we share several platforms where you can find useful, free content that is related to career topics.

  • edX – is an online course platform with more than 25,000 high-quality courses from 140 universities and institutions around the world. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the courses.
  • Skillshare – is an online learning community for people to share and learn from other educational videos. The site offers both paid and free courses that cover many areas such as web development, social media, design, photography and more.
  • What do people do – is a travel magazine about the creative life and unconventional work. It creatively shares practical advice on how to adapt your dreams and hobbies to your purposeful career path. On this platform, you will find useful links, inspiring chats, podcasts , and more.
  • Coursera – is a platform where you can find hundreds of free courses on various topics. You not only will gain a lot of useful professional knowledge using this platform, but also receive a certificate upon successful completion of the courses.
  • Udemy – is a website for students from all over the world, where more than 57,000 professionals share their experiences and advice in more than 65 different languages. Here you will also find the latest news and research on the current labor market and the competencies required in it.

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