The Flag, Symbolising the Ideas of the University, Will Invite People to Gather in the Town of Šilalė

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Initiative of the Flag Bearer’s Mission, launched by Vytautas Magnus University at the end of 2019, is gradually gaining the momentum and is contributing to the implementation of the University’s new 2021-2027 Strategic Plan, which focuses on the mobilisation, listening, and well-being of the VMU alumni community. Mrs. Samanta Ėringė, Alumni Coordinator, says that the University has a very important task in building an alumni community – to keep in touch and at the same time to maintain a connection and relationship with the successful alumni, who have graduated from the University.

“In order to implement this task, we are aiming to intensify the initiative of VMU Flag Bearer’s  Mission, the aim of which is to hand over a flag, symbolizing the ideas of VMU, to our active alumni, who would be invited to gather and interact with other alumni who support and promote the ideas of the university, according to the territorial principle, outside the academic city or even the country,” says Mrs. Ėringė, VMU Alumni Coordinator. VMU Flag Bearers has become representatives of their Alma Mater in different locations, both in Lithuania and abroad, carrying the message about the activities carried out at the University, contributing to the organisation of events, and dissemination of information.

“The VMU Flag Bearers have a very important mission, which is to create VMU “micro” communities or VMU “islands” in different cities and towns in Lithuania and all around the world, to keep in touch with the University and spread the University’s message in their communities, to allow young people to discover their way to the VMU through their own unique studying and learning experiences, to become the direct link between the University and the hearts and minds of students. Accepting the VMU flag is a special commitment and important determination to continue to nurture and build our Alma Mater together. Therefore, we are very grateful to each and every one of them for flying VMU flags high,” – shared her thoughts the Vice-Rector of Communication, Dr. Mrs. Vilma Bijeikienė.

During this year’s “Alumni Day’21” event, Mrs. Rima Norvilienė, VMU graduate of German Philology study programme, who currently lives in town of Šilalė, has become the VMU Flag Bearer. Mrs. Norvilienė is an active public figure in Šilalė, well-known for her active involvement in social activities and initiatives. Mrs. Norvilienė is also a member of the Šilalė District Municipality Council, one of the founders of the Šilalė Guides Association, a pioneer of the mind-fight games in Šilalė District, the founder of the initiative “Unheard Facts About Šilalė”, and the author and initiator of countless other projects.

We invite you to meet the newest of VMU Flag Bearers, Mrs. Rima Norvilienė.

How does it feel to return to your Alma mater?

I graduated in German Philology 14 years ago. This number raises even my own eyebrows because it seems so long ago. However, I must admit that I don’t feel the passage of time because I remember my studies as one of the best times of my life. As I have already mentioned in my speech at the Alumni Day’21, that I really don’t need to be pulled by the tongue, because whoever has heard me talking about my years of studies, they must know that I always emphasise that VMU is MY university.

I was very happy to be asked to become the University’s Flag Bearer. I had a great opportunity to return to the place where I grew as a person, where I gained courage, and where I found a group of like-minded people who are still in my life today. I would describe the feeling of returning as nostalgically pleasant and warm because I have always felt like I belong here.

How do you see VMU today and how would you like to see it in the future?

I see the University growing and changing. For many years I have been observing from the side-lines the University’s study programmes and other activities, the variety of which is very pleasing. It is so great to see that students are given the opportunity to take an interest in different fields, to get involved in a wide range of activities, and to develop themselves. In my opinion, the University is moving in the right direction, responding to the changes of society and trying to be attractive to the younger generation. However, it is important to maintain its identity and face the changes as well as to be competitive not only with Lithuanian but also with foreign universities. Therefore, I would like to see the university in the future as a university that produces professionals their own fields and also personalities of the world.

How could VMU Flag Bearers, including you, contribute to the University’s activities, its’ growth and promotion in Lithuania?

In general, I applaud the initiative of the University’s Flag Bearer. It gives our university the opportunity to keep in touch with alumni, strengthen the alumni community, and at the same time it is a great area to share the good news about the university. In my opinion, Flag Bearers would be great intermediaries between the university, their neighbourhoods, the prospective students who are around them, and even the kind of career counsellors or advisors who can share their personal experiences, answer questions, or point out where to get the information they need.

It is also important for the Flag Bearer to be active in their communities and to be good role models. I also see possibility for the activities of Flag Bearers to be held in various types of events, such as organising lectures, exhibitions, participating in the University events.

What does this VMU Flag Bearer’s mission means to you personally?

Receiving the flag of the University is not only a nice gift, but also a commitment, so I take this mission as the Flag Bearer very responsibly. I will do my best to live up to the expectations and be an active part of the university’s community in my home region of Šilalė. It is also important to mention that I see this mission as personal development, self-expression, and an opportunity to be useful.

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