Seminar about time management

2017-02-17, Valid until

Career Centre invites you into seminar Time Management – You in University and Elsewhere.

Seminar programme:

  • Managing time = managing yourself, it is all about your behavior.
  • Focusing on most important task, the one that brings most results, examples of doing “busy work”.
  • Balance is appropriate time spent on priorities. Because all of the activities do not need the same amount of time. For example, for physical activities 30 min in a day is enough, but your term paper in school or working in student council on a project 30 min is not enough if you want good results.
  • Story about rocks, pebbels, sand and water, new factor – what is sigificant now?
  • You multiply your time by spending time on things today that will give you more time (AND RESULTS) tomorrow.
  • Teaching using calendar (online and paper), to do list and priorities.
  • Bonus material – quick tips on using emails, Facebook etc. They can be time eaters if you don’t have rules of using them properly.