REGISTRATION for career consultations

2019-02-08, Valid until

Sadly, but we are not able to find you a job in Lithuania… Gladly, we are able to help you in this searching process!

Register for a career consultation if you want to:

  • Write or rewrite your CV and get some useful comments about it
  • Get some advices about how to write a motivational letter (only for a particular jog offer!)
  • Prepare for a job interview (it helps to treat the stress and feel more self-confident during the real conversation with your future boss)
  • Get some advices about volunteering in Lithuania
  • Have a full coaching session if you feel a little strugled and don’t know what to do next in your career’s way (ONLY for students with good english skills!)


Career guidance is provided by Career Center Consultant.

If something will change and you will not be able to come to consultation, please inform us by e-mail: or by phone: +370 37 327983. Thank you!

If you need more information about Lithuania’s law for foreign students about their working abilities, please contact Lithuanian Labour Exchange.