RECOMMENDATION: Forum “General Education Curriculum Reform and Teacher Education”

2018-09-03, Valid until

On 18 September 2018, VMU will host expert forum entitled General Education Curriculum Reform And Teacher Education, which will take place at the VMU Lozoraičiai Museum (K. Donelaičio g. 58, Kaunas).

Over the recent years, numerous countries have initiated curriculum reforms in the field of general education. These initiatives are closely related to global challenges regarding 21st century competences. Even though the World Economic forum has announced a list of the most important competences which should be developed for living and working in contemporary societies, the discussion remains how national curricula should be changed and updated to respond to the new needs.

While various strategic curriculum change approaches have been observed, some common tendencies could be identified: merging boundaries between subjects, focusing on phenomenon but not subject studies, multidisciplinarity in solving problems, analysing cases; learning personalisation and individualisation responding to individual and specific learning needs, inclusion, spread of technologies and digitalisation of learning. These are the main but not the only tendencies which indicate that changes in national curricula cannot take place without changing teacher education and training system.

The expert forum aims to bring the best experiences in curriculum reform and teacher education in the region and strives to open a discussion on new approaches, initiatives and projects. It invites national experts and practitioners from Ministry of Education and Science, municipalities, higher education establishments and, naturally, leaders of schools.

Event program