Public lecture “Making the Future YOU Want”

2017-03-27, Valid until

On Thursday 6 April, 6 p.m., President of Southwestern Advantage, Dan Moore, will hold a public lecture at VMU Great Hall (28 S. Daukanto g.) entitled “Making the Future YOU Want”.

Living in the best way possible brings many challenges, like sailing across a stormy ocean. Navigating life successfully means starting with a VISION of your destination, and the MIND-SET necessary to stay on the path, despite the obstacles.

Come spend two hours with Dan Moore (B.A. from Harvard, M.B.A. from Vanderbilt), President of Southwestern Advantage, as he guides us through a process of dreaming bigger, followed by understanding how to employ the most valuable tool we will ever have: our own minds!

Take advantage of more than four decades of Dan’s experience in helping young people progress toward being the kind of people they truly want to be. Expect to be learn, expect to have fun, and expect to leave inspired!

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