OPPORTUNITIES: volunteer experience for students: teaching language at social project

2020-07-07, Valid until

Many people are struggling with social isolation and with a lack of a network of support, particularly the more vulnerable groups of our society. For this reason social project SPEAK invite students to join this project and run online language groups to help breaking the isolation barrier that all of us are now forced to live.

SPEAK is a social tech startup that connects newcomers and locals living in the same city, through language and culture exchange experiences, that are: 1) language groups and 2) community organized events.

Participants volunteer to teach their language and culture to others and can learn any other language for free. This cultural integration project is currently implemented in 23 cities around the world. In Lithuania, Kaunas has joined the community since 2019 September.

Teaching experience at SPEAK with its methodology would help the students who plan to be future teachers, and improve communication skills, in general. We provide them with teaching materials, guidelines, and guide through the procedure via online call.

More information in speak.social portal.