OPPORTUNITIES: Huawei “Seeds for the Future” program 2020

2020-09-28, Valid until

Are you an undergraduate or master from ICT studies? Looking for a something absolutely different and you’re ready for a life changing experience? Do you notice technical problems easily and you’re searching for opportunities to grow as a person? Have you ever been attracted by the technological rise of Asia and ever wondered how to get practical experience working for a dynamic global business?

Huawei Baltic countries unites after a very long break in this program and we’re offering undergraduates or master studying a technology/science related discipline the opportunity to study Seeds for the Future Online! 5 days Huawei experience program from 2nd to 6th of November 2020.

“Seeds for the Future” is a global initiative which has been successfully operating since 2008, has been implemented in 126 countries and regions worldwide and the program has benefited over 30,000 students from  more than 500 top universities worldwide.

This program aims to develop skilled, local ICT (Information Communication Technology) students and bridge communication between countries and cultures. By sharing our ICT expertise and experiences in the global business environment, young people from different countries can learn about advanced technologies in the ICT industry and accumulate ICT expertise and skills through the “Seeds for the Future” program, contributing to the progress of the global ICT industry.

Huawei offering undergraduates  – studying STEM or related disciplines (e. g. Science, Technology, Engineering and Computing) the opportunity to join an online experience around technology and culture.

During the 5-day program, the students will:

  • get a glimpse at Huawei’s history and technological developments including visits and virtual tours of Huawei exhibition halls, campus and stores
  • receive some trainings on key technologies including 5G, cloud computing and AI
  • hear from Huawei experts who will share their perspectives on a wide range of topics from cybersecurity to digital transformation
  • discover the habits of the highly successful people, learn how to work in a cross-cultural environment, or understand the strategic leadership model
  • etc.

To be considered for Huawei’s Seeds for the Future’ program in 2020 students will need to match the following criteria:

  • Be studying a ICT or related discipline
  • Demonstrate excellent academic acumen
  • Have a strong interest in telecoms and technology issues
  • Know English very well

More information about the whole process and how to apply: https://s4fbaltic.com/

For more information, you can visit global Seeds for the Future website