OPPORTUNITIES: Hans Adriaansens Students Award as Europe’s Youth, Its Hopes and Discontents

2021-03-30, Valid until

Current student generation has a great deal of hope but also concerns for the future of our societies. While you have a deep desire to make the world a better place, sometimes you feel that your views are not taken seriously or that your potential contribution is dismissed by older generations or those in power. Let’s hear from you!

European Consortium of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ECOLAS) would like to make the concerns of young Europeans more visible and start a conversation about how education can contribute to preparing students for dealing with these concerns. That is why ECOLAS is announcing the Hans Adriaansens Student Awards call for proposals 2021 for contributions to helping us understand what is bothering this generation of students, but also what gives them hope. This year, Hans Adriaansens Student Awards is therefore called Europe’s Youth, Its Hopes, and Discontents.

In order to be considered for the Hans Adriaansens Student Awards, please complete the survey linked below, which includes several essay questions. Up to 8 students who give the most interesting and thought-provoking answers to these questions will be asked to engage in a small number of conversations in their local communities – both academic and non-academic – about the issues they have raised and to write a report about those conversations. Those 8 selected students will receive an award of €500 each.

You can complete the survey here. Please, complete it by April 6th, 2021. ECOLAS will get in touch with the winners by April 15th to discuss the next steps in organizing the subsequent conversations.

If you have any questions, please contact ECOLAS by e-mail: info@ecolas.eu.


ECOLAS is a network of institutions and programmes dedicated to the liberal arts within the European Higher Education Area. In addressing the central issues surrounding the development of undergraduate education for 21st century Europe, ECOLAS strives to foster and disseminate the good practices associated with the liberal arts tradition. ECOLAS is based and registered in Bratislava, Slovakia.