OPPORTUNITIES: „Global notebook“ conference for students

2019-06-27, Valid until

„Global notebook“ conference is an inspiring and challenging, week-long event for students and young professionals. Students will have an opportunity to learn about international relations and law, participate in various workshops, leadership exercises, engage in discussions with diplomats, make new best friends and of course, explore Hague (Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium), where the conference will be held.

Why to attend?

  • Unique conference with two international cities combined in a week
  • International exposure
  • Combined curriculum of academic and practical aspects (including moot court)
  • Opportunity to visit international institutions and gain first-hand experience. Some of the site visits might include European Parliament, ICJ, ICC, etc.
  • Opportunity to learn about international law and work of International organizations through simulations
  • Opportunity to interact with young leaders of the world
  • Develop varied skill sets:


Intellectual Development;



Interpersonal Dynamics;

Cultural Tolerance and Respect.

Conference fee – 1500 Eur. This price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Pick up from the airport
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Workshops
  • Site visits

For those who signed up for the end of June, the conference price is 1000 EUR.

More information.

Schedule of the conference.