Online discussion for students and graduates “How to Get a Job Without Experience?”

2024-04-10, Valid until

Recent graduates and current students are facing many challenges when trying to find a job in their desired field. Among the most crucial ones are limited or no professional experience, high competition where entry-level positions attract many applicants, making it tough to stand out, and not knowing how to describe your achievements, competencies, skills, and abilities in a favorable light for a relevant vacancy. Perhaps the last one is the focal point.

Therefore, we have convened a panel of VMU alumni who have encountered similar challenges and are enthusiastic about sharing their valuable advice and experiences acquired throughout their careers.

We invite current students and graduates to join the online event on the topic of “How to Get a Job Without Experience?”

This event is for those facing rejections or receiving no feedback after applying for a job, for those unsure if they have enough experience, and for those who don’t know how to describe their experience, skills, and competencies in their CV and cover letter.

What: Discussion “How to Get a Job Without Experience?” (Lithuanian and Worldwide Context) 

When: April 17, Wednesday 

Time: 10:30 – 11:30 (Lithuanian time) 

Language: English

Format: Online event via Microsoft Teams


This event is tailored for current international and Lithuanian students and recent alumni:

  • For those seeking their first job without experience
  • For those transitioning to a different position/area
  • For anyone interested

Three reasons to join this event:

  • You will hear real stories and experiences of VMU alumni.
  • You will be able to ask your questions or seek advice.
  • You will meet new people who work in various companies and connect with them. Who knows, maybe this network will help you get a job in the future! ?

Meet our speakers: