European Day of Languages 2018. Job interview simulation

2018-09-10, Valid until

As is our tradition, at the end of September the Institute of Foreign Language invites VMU and the community of the city of Kaunas to celebrate European Day of Languages. This year‘s events, which aim to involve university and middle school students, will be held on Thursday, the 27th of September, at the VMU Multifunctional Centre. Continuing last year‘s initiative to open up the multilingual world of business to our students, they will be invited to meetings with representatives from international companies. This year the companies will not only present their activities during the fair, but will also offer the opportunity to test the student‘s foreign language competence in job interview simulation in English, Danish, Norwegian, Russian and German.

Better to experience something once than to hear about it a thousand times! So register now for your „job interview“ in your chosen language. Get a head start on those who don‘t speak a foreign language, earn extra credit in your language class and receive a participant certificate!