A Workshop for VMU Students and Graduates: “Insider Tips for Landing Entry-Level Positions”

2024-05-03, Valid until

Recent graduates and current students are facing numerous challenges when attempting to secure jobs in entry-level positions. They feel uncertain about their degree or what comes next after graduation and are struggling to find summer employment that aligns with their studies and passions. A couple of months before the end of the semester, Vytautas Magnus University extends a helping hand to current students and graduates who are feeling overwhelmed as they embark on their job-searching journey.

That’s why the VMU Career Centre and International Cooperation Department invite current students and graduates to join an online event on the topic of “Insider Tips for Landing Entry-Level Positions”.

What: A Workshop for VMU Students and Graduates “Insider Tips for Landing Entry-Level Positions” 

When: 21st May, Tuesday, 10:30 – 12:00

Format: online event via Microsoft Teams in English 

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