RECOMMENDATION: To Participate in Western Union Open Days

2018-04-12, Valid until

Now’s your chance to dive into a fresh career with one of the top three employers in Lithuania!

Come to our #WUOpenDays, grab some coffee, and test the waters. We’re offering some cool events throughout the day, such as meeting with our friendly multi-national crew and getting a chance to dip your toe into just some of the various departments at WU:

• Internship Program
• IT & Operations
• HR & Administration
• Accounting & Finance
• Creative Hub
• Partner Management

From scam busting to compliance, you’ll hear about WU life directly from the professionals who navigate these complex issues. And if you’re not afraid to get wet, you may able to start in the deep end of the pool, by signing up for an intern…ship or even a full-time position!

Don’t wait too long – the water’s just fine. Take a deep breath, register for our WU Open Days, and jump in! #WUCareers #WULithuania