GALIMYBĖS: pildyk, sužinok, laimėk :)

2017-12-01, Galioja iki

GALIMYBĖS: pildyk apklausą, laimėk savaitgalio kelionę ir sužinok naujausius patarimus darbo paieškos procesui!

Viskuo pasirūpins Potentialpark komanda. Skaityk toliau (angliškai):


How do you want to apply for jobs?

Do you agree that searching for a job is easy, but finding one is not? Sometimes, finding a job can feel like a job and we want to change this!

We at Potentialpark tell big organizations how you want to apply for jobs – with your help!

The only thing you have to do is to…


  1. Share your thoughts,
  2. get the latest tips and tricks about job search and application,
  3. …and get the chance to win a weekend trip to Potentialpark’s amazing hometown of Stockholm, Sweden!


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At Potentialpark, we are experts in Communication, Career Search and Employer Branding and we work with some of the most successful employers worldwide. Your participation in the Potentialpark Study 2018 will contribute to understanding how talent search and apply for jobs. With the results, we push employers globally to become more Talent Friendly in their communication and recruiting processes – and we also make sure your university gets access to the latest insights.