A part-time job of a teaching assistant of English for a postgraduate or undergraduate.

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am Director of UAB “Vasaros sparnai”, a consultancy firm established in Lithuania.

I plan to employ a teaching assistant to work part-time at our company.

The job description is editing some articles about Lithuania and its culture. 1. If the vocabulary and sentence structures are difficult, the task of editing is to reduce the level of difficulty to the level of B2. 2. Several articles are needed to be combined as a new one centering on a narrower topic. 3. Proposing questions based on the content of the edited articles. The articles are used for the foreign students who will apply for the universities in Lithuania to understand Lithuania and its culture.

The part-time job is suitable for students majoring in English, a Lithuanian postgraduate or undergraduate. If some of your students hope to get a part-time job, please ask them to contact me as soon as possible. The teaching assistant is urgently needed. My telephone number:+37060461965.

I am highly appreciated for your kind assistance.


Best regards,


Please contact Susan Su: onthewingsofsummer@gmail.com