VMU Centennial’s Alumni Day’22

2022-10-31, Valid until

On the occasion of the centennial of the founding of the University of Lithuania and the anniversary of the re-establishment of VMU, we invite graduates and VMU community to the Alumni Day, which will take place on November 11.


15.00–17.00 Discussion “Managing Change: The Art of Transition”

Where: VMU Small Hall, S. Daukanto str. 28, Kaunas

Format: In-person and online

The key topic of this year’s discussion is “Managing Change: The Art of Transition” and it has been chosen on purpose.

The international VMU alumni will share the best practices among each other on the crucial today’s topic: transition. Transition is an ongoing process which involves adaptation to different contexts and changes in interpersonal relationships (Jindal-Snape, 2010).

At the same time, the university has developed throughout its history. Many transitions happened because of which VMU developed, improved, became better, adapted to the modern challenges of the world and these changes also affected its students, graduates, teachers.

The discussion “Managing Change: The Art of Transition” covers 4 main pillars:

  • Transition from student life to professional life (alumni share their career stories focusing on ups and downs after graduation and how they overcome or manage them)
  • Transition from one job to another (alumni share their experience on career changes, personal stories, lessons, tips, etc.)
  • Manage change and transition (alumni share their experiences at the workplace: how they act as a specialist/leader/head of the company in today’s world)
  • Management of difficult life transitions (alumni share their experience about job loss, moving to another country or another related topic etc.)

Meet our speakers – international VMU graduates:

  • Alexander Samuel Hixson, an alumnus of Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism MA programme (2022). Topic “Changing from a student at VMU to a teacher at VMU and moving to another country”.
  • Angelica Peccini, an alumna of Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism MA programme (2017). Topic “Limiting beliefs, fears, and the versatility of skills: how to get the best from the unpredictability of life”.
  • Kayako Takagi, an alumna of Educational Management MA programme (2019). Topic “Manage change and transition”.
  • Lakshya Dave, an alumnus of Applied English Linguistics MA programme (2022). Topic “Transitioning as an international immigrant”.

17:30–18:00 Get to know VMU again! – LIVE EVENT

We would like to invite the in-person participants of VMU Alumni Days to see an exhibition “Vivat Universitas Vytauti Magni!” opened in the VMU Rector’s Office on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the university. It is full of photographs and stories featuring the life of the university since its foundation, throughout interwar activities until its restoration in 1989 and today’s work. Moreover, it is an amazing opportunity to visit the renovated spaces of VMU.

Where: K. Donelaičio str. 58

Format: in-person, the excursion will be in Lithuanian and English for both Lithuanian and international graduates.

17:15–18:00 Quiz “Get to know VMU again!” – ONLINE EVENT

Quiz via Kahoot for those international alumni who will be joining online and can’t attend the Alumni Day in person. The quiz includes 10 interesting questions about the history of VMU, current developments taking place, etc. Three winners will be awarded with prizes. Registration is mandatory.

18:15–20:00 VMU Alumni Club’s Forum “For the University-City-State: VMU Artes liberales alumni movement and testimonies”

VMU Alumni Club’s Forum “For the University-City-State: VMU Artes liberales alumni movement and testimonies”. The main topics of the forum: Alumni identity, role and responsibility in the state and the academic community, experience, merits, initiatives. More information coming soon.

Format: the event will be in Lithuanian. More details are expected soon.

21:00–22:00 Alumnų dūzgės

This event includes stand-up and open-mic exclusive stories, during which there will be plenty of laughter, commotion, and the best emotions. The location will be confirmed. More details are expected soon.

Format: the event will be in Lithuanian. More details are expected soon.


See you at VMU Alumni Day!