VMU Career Centre remote informal lecture series: “Savęs link’23: išdrįsk rinktis ir keisti”

2023-03-21, Valid until

As every year, the Career Centre of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) invites students and graduates to take part in the remote informal lecture series “Savęs link ’23” in March and April, as well as to participate in presentations, discussions and to actively use the Virtual CV Clinic.

This year, the already traditional series of informal lectures will invite you to focus on self-discovery and self-knowledge and will motivate you to dare to choose or change. Starting or continuing your career journey – a process that is a big part of everyone’s life – can be a daunting task, with the difficulties and challenges that come with finding or trying to create your dream job.

This year’s theme for “Savęs link ’23”: išdrįsk rinktis ir keisti (dare to choose and change), will try to inspire and remind you that to find a job you love or build your dream career, you have to be unafraid to take a bold step on the path of exploration, to ask questions of yourself and of others, and to keep finding new solutions or answers to questions. There is no need to be afraid of making mistakes – this search for a meaningful and joyful pursuit is a very important and ongoing journey that helps you to understand and realize the importance of self-knowledge and to take the first steps towards purposeful self-knowledge, courage, or change.

This year’s series of informal lectures will introduce participants to self-knowledge from a variety of perspectives: how to build one’s self-image and make decisions to achieve professional success, how varied a person’s career journey can be, what success looks like from a psychological perspective, and the opportunities available to people with disabilities today. Experts will share not only the latest trends in the global market but also personal experiences, challenges, and highs.

In March and April, university students and graduates will have the opportunity to take part in a virtual CV clinic: to consult and review their CV with a career professional, and to get observations, valuable insights, and advice on how to prepare their CV to meet all requirements. Want to get advice and a consultant’s opinion? You can send your CV to: karjera@vdu.lt


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